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At its root, food security is a symptom of poverty. According to the Daily Bread Food Bank, the vast majority (87%) of food bank clients live in unaffordable housing (1). With rent, utilities, and transit costs eating holes in household budgets, Torontonians are struggling to fill their plates and pantries. As a result, food bank usage has surged to all-time highs (2).

Our city is in trouble. Our neighbours are struggling. And yet, only 3/10 Torontonians voted in the 2022 municipal election (3). On June 26th, we have an opportunity to try again — we get a "do over."

In Mazon's non-partisan Tikkun Olam Voter Guide, each major candidate has been assigned a rating for key issues under three main topics:

  • Food security

  • Housing security

  • Supportive programs

Learn how the candidates stack up:


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