Frequently Asked Questions

Where is MAZON Canada located? Do you operate in my province?


MAZON Canada operates across the country and supports food projects from BC to Nova Scotia all the way up to Iqaluit. Our national office is located in Toronto at 788 Marlee Ave, Suite 301.

Click here to see a map of our current grantees and find one near you!


Is my donation to MAZON Canada tax-deductible? How do I get my tax receipt?


Yes, all donations to MAZON Canada over $10 are tax-deductible! If you donate online, you will be issued a receipt immediately. All other gifts are receipted in one single tax receipt for your convenience in February of the next calendar year. You can choose if you prefer your receipt by email or post. 


Do you only fund Jewish agencies and organizations?


No, food projects DO NOT need to be Jewish to receive grants from MAZON Canada. We’re proud to support any and all people in need on behalf of our Jewish community. 


What kinds of projects do you fund?


MAZON funds food projects across Canada including but not limited to: food banks, shelters, community gardens, meals on wheels projects, school nutrition programs, etc. Each year, we support about 130 programs across the country with purchasing food and equipment in order to serve more people better, healthier food.


What’s Jewish about MAZON Canada if you also fund non-Jewish food projects?


We represent our Jewish community by doing work motivated by Jewish values. As a representative of our community, we are funded nearly exclusively by Jewish people and family foundations, occasionally by Jewish-owned businesses or gifts in honour of Jewish people, and never by public funds. In short, we are a grassroots network of Jewish people and close allies who pool resources to combat an issue close to our hearts: hunger. 

We’re proud to do the important work of bridging Jewish and non-Jewish communities in Canada, sometimes over great distances, through acts of chesed (lovingkindness) and tzedakah (justice-fueled charity). In many cases, support from MAZON Canada is the only contact many staff and clients of our partners have had with Jewish people! Our logo, a Magen David (six-pointed star, a symbol of the Judaism) is displayed in non-Jewish communities all over the country as a symbol of our partnership and support. 


Is MAZON Canada a food bank?


No. A food bank provides food. MAZON Canada provides resources to food banks and other front-line organizations battling hunger. We help other organizations achieve their goals. 


How does MAZON decide which organizations will receive funding?


MAZON’s allocations are decided by an experienced volunteer committee of community members. Our committee includes people with all kinds of backgrounds and experiences: non-profit managers, policy-makers, front-line poverty-relief professionals, financial experts, dieticians, and people with lived experience of food insecurity. 


MAZON prioritizes small, low-capital operations which deal directly with the hungry; those who target specific groups in need, particularly children and single-parent families; those with a high volunteer presence; and those that work to end hunger at the root through policy change or through leveraging programs to end their clients’ dependence on them. Click here for more information on our granting criteria.


Can donations be directed to a specific recipient organization or region?


No, donations cannot be targeted to a specific recipient organization or region. Our allocations committee decides which organizations will receive funding based on our funding criteria. We fund organizations and agencies across Canada.


Toronto Local: (416) 783-7554
Toll-free: 1-866-MAZON-22 (1-866-629-6622)
Fax: (416) 783-5470

Charitable number: 107680779 RR0001