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Three balanced meals a day, every day - that's what we need to stay healthy and strong. Even though our human need for food is the same year-round, our food programs (and giving patterns) fluctuate.

Learn how the annual cycle changes both the need for food and the services that provide it:

WINTER: The last few weeks of the year put broader Canadian society in a giving mood for the holiday season, inspiring food drives that keep food bank shelves stocked. Most of this food is non-perishable, and, unfortunately, much of the food donated is low-quality or hard-to-use ingredients donated to clear the back of cupboards. The need for fresh, healthy food doesn't wane even in winter - which is why Mazon's support helps organizations and clients buy the food staples needed to turn these odds and ends into delicious meals.

SPRING: More and more of our partners are starting community gardens, which begin their planting season with indoor seedlings in early spring. These programs not only provide fresh, healthy food, but also significant mental health benefits as participants are connected to community and begin to see the literal 'fruit' of their labour. Unfortunately, these gardens rarely grow enough food to support their communities - and though participants gain skills, they rarely have the time, resources, and space at home to turn their new skills into all the fresh fruit and vegetables they need. That's why Mazon's Grocery Grants are critical even for partners with gardens.

SUMMER: In summer, the stores of non-perishables donated in winter have been distributed, and donations of both food and funds tend to drop. At this time of year, Mazon's support gets food bank programs through the 'lean season', helping them buy what they need to keep supporting clients - like fresh dairy, fruit, vegetables and proteins.

FALL: When Canadian children head back to school in fall, packed lunches don't go with them. Unlike every other country in the G8, Canada has no federal program to ensure that every child can access healthy, adequate food in school. That's why as recently as 2016, we were ranked 37th out of 41 wealthy countries in child nutrition by UNICEF. Mazon supports children's food security in the school year in many ways, including: supporting school breakfast and lunch programs from coast to coast; supporting 'weekend hunger' programs that keep students who rely on school lunch programs fed on non-school days; and advocating for long-term solutions like a healthy school food program through the Coalition for Healthy School Food.


Concerned about year-round support for those in need? The best way to make an impact is to become a Hunger Fighter with a monthly donation!

COVID-19 showed us how change could happen overnight. With a monthly gift, you can make sure Mazon has the resources to act fast in a crisis, just like we did with our COVID-19 Emergency Grants, and take bigger, bolder than ever to tackle hunger at the root - because we know we can count on the support of Hunger Fighters like you as we fight for long-term to Canada's hunger crisis.

Becoming a Hunger Fighter is an affordable and effective way to support Mazon’s work that fits your budget, whatever it may be:

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