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Dog wearing a blue wig
Dog wearing a blue wig


On the holiday of Purim, we are encouraged to dress up, and get silly, and feed people in need. To celebrate & raise funds, MAZON is hosting our second annual PURIM PET PARADE!


We invite you to dress up your pets in costume and submit a photo or short video to be in the Parade.
Your entries will be posted on social media, and the image with the most likes on Facebook wins! 



The winners will receive beautiful portraits of your beloved pet by local Canadian artists Brittany Lauren, Zach Cartman or Corryn Bamber.


View last year's winners in costume and their prize portraits below, plus our other '21 entrants:


  • Minimum donation of $18 per submission (that's 5 meals for people in need!).

  • Submissions can be photos or videos of 30 seconds or less.

  • Old photos are accepted; you do not need to take an original photo.

  • The costume does not have to be Purim themed.

  • One submission per pet; if you have a bunny, frog and cat, they can each be entered once!

  • Any species of pet can be entered, but please be extra careful when dressing them up. We do not want pets to be harmed

  • Your submission will be posted on social media and the MAZON Canada website. Mazon Canada retains permission to use both the winning photos and the prize portraits to advertise next year's Purim Pet Pageant.

  • The deadline to submit is the start of Erev Purim (March 16th at 5pm) and voting will close at the end of Purim (March 17th at 5pm).

  • Prizes: First place winner gets their choice between the 3 artists; second choice gets their choice between the remaining 2 artists; 3rd place gets a portrait by the remaining artist. The photo you submit to the artist does not have to be the winning photo (of your pet in costume) - it can be any photo of your pet

  • If you have any questions, please email


The Purim masquerade provides a dual opportunity to be joyful and celebrate, while also reflecting on a specific aspect of hunger: that things are not always as they appear. That, even in this country of plenty, millions go hungry every day. 

This Purim, we acknowledge the invisible crisis of hunger by celebrating old traditions in new ways. Through our Purim campaign, your donations will provide food for vulnerable people of all ages, abilities, faiths and backgrounds from coast to coast - on behalf of our Jewish community!

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