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A gorgeous story about the power of eating together from Cornerstone to Recovery, a 2021 partner that supports people healing from addiction. Many of their clients also experience poverty, food, financial and employment insecurity, and physical health challenges:

Each week, Cornerstone has an alumni dinner where clients who are currently accessing our residential recovery program have dinner with graduates. This dinner is often described as the highlight of the week and provides an invaluable opportunity for everyone to offer hope and friendship to one another. The guests prepare the dinner with our Executive Director to develop their cooking skills, and then everyone enjoys the dinner together!

Grocery costs have increased greatly over the past year... The MAZON Canada food grant provides invaluable funds to help us continue to provide these evenings to our clients and our graduates alike. From all of us here at Cornerstone, we thank you!

You're so welcome, Cornerstone. We're proud the Jewish Community can help your participants connect with mentors in recovery as they fight for a better life.

(Photos posted with consent)


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