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Came across this sweet story from our partner Ksan Place in norther BC:

"At the Mazon Canada sponsored Community Dinner, I had a participant ask, 'Why would a Quebec Jewish organization fund a meal for homeless people in Terrace, BC?' Before I could respond he asked, 'Are you Jewish? Or your volunteers?' I responded, 'We don't qualify people who participate in our programs at Ksan Place. We do what we do because we like to feed hungry people, and that is exactly why Mazon Canada choose to fund some of our meals: because Mazon Canada helps people who are hungry by providing food grants.' He said 'WOW' and asked if I would let Mazon Canada know that he very much appreciated their generosity and kindness in sponsoring this community dinner."

We're sure it's not the only time the people fed by MAZON Canada grants have wondered something similar: "Why would these people who have nothing to do with me care about my troubles?"

But we do it because we are Canadians as well as Jews, and Canadian issues are our issues. We do it to show the whole nation that when Canadians go hungry, the Jewish community cares. And we do it because we believe every person is b'tzolem Elohim, made in the image of G-d, and deserves for their basic needs to be met.

We're so proud to bring Jewish chesed (lovingkindness) to every corner of Canada!

- Izzy


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