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Here at Mazon Canada, we're smiling from ear to ear. On Monday April 1st 2024, the Government of Canada officially announced an investment of one billion dollars over 5 years for the creation of a National School Food Program!

Along with our partners at the Coalition for Healthy School Food, Mazon has been fighting for this moment for over five years. Today, we are overjoyed. Of course, this investment is a first step, but we can celebrate as we look forward to a day when the norm for all children everywhere is that a nutritious lunch is a right, not a privilege.

Often, in the wake of policy victories like these, activists and advocates are left asking: what role, if any, did we play in making this change possible? For Mazon, there is little ambiguity this time around.

Our advocacy worked!

Here's how we know!

  1. The Coalition for Healthy School Food’s calls to action, which were included in our letter writing campaign, were explicitly mentioned by elected officials when unveiling this plan. Nearly 200 Jewish community members sent letters amplifying these calls to action.

  2. Through Mazon, the Jewish community contributed $32,500 towards the Coalition for Healthy School Food’s advocacy work since 2020 – funding critical research on the impact of school food programs, and getting that research into the hands of policy makers.

  3. Mazon Canada’s very own Dr. Daniel Bierstone, Mazon Allocations Committee member since 2022, was quoted in the Coalition for Healthy School Food’s official press release:

“We know from studies - and I have seen it among my patients - that kids who eat a morning meal experience less hunger, headaches, stomach aches, and dizziness – all things that impact students’ functioning at school. I often breathe a sigh of relief when I find out that my patient has a snack or meal program in their school... The federal government’s investment today will make an enormous difference for the lives of children and families across the country.”

Together, the Jewish community stood shoulder to shoulder with coalition partners across Canada – and yesterday, we won a victory for future generations.

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Warm Regards,

Robbie Solway | Community Lead Mazon Canada

Phone: (416) 783-7554


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