Let all who are hungry come and eat...

Apply for Funding


MAZON Canada allocates funds annually for the purchase of food to projects affecting food-insecure people in Canada.


MAZON Canada’s allocation process is a single, annual application process. Applications will be accepted annually, in the Spring of each year. Therefore, please review your budgets and submit your applications with your annual needs and requests in mind. We will strive to do our best to contribute and help in all manners possible.


Applications for funding in 2017 are NOW OPEN.


The application can be downloaded here:


Mazon Canada National Application for Funding 2017

Mazon Canada Demande d’allocation nationale 2017


All applications are due at MAZON Canada’s national office by APRIL 3, 2017.

Please note that we would prefer to receive your application electronically, either as a word document or a scanned version. If you will be submitting a printed application, please be sure to ONLY print on one side.


Please also note that if you are a previous grantee and we have not received your evaluation form from a past funded project we will not be able to proceed with your 2017 application.


The criteria for funding are presented on the application; please read them carefully. Should you have any questions, please contact Izzy Waxman at


If you have any further questions, email