As we head into the Jewish New Year, 5781, we reflect on the year before and celebrate what is to come. This past years has been difficult for us all, but has significantly impacted the well being of the most vulnerable in our communities. The need for food assistance is only increasing as people lose jobs, school food programs close and food programs reach capacity.​


The world faces great challenges and more Canadians fall below the poverty line, the Jewish community has made it a priority to support those who need it most - the seniors who are isolated and living on a fixed income, the single parents who have lost income due to the pandemic and are seeking help for the first time at a local food bank, the children going hungry because schools are closed and they rely on school lunch programs for their only healthy meal of the day.

For over 30 years, MAZON has been funding Jewish and non-Jewish food projects across the country - projects that need our support now more than ever.

This Rosh Hashannah, please consider a gift to MAZON, to help alleviate the suffering in our communities, put food on the table of those who need it most and to help end hunger in Canada for good!

Our Rosh Hashannah cards are also a great way to celebrate with your friends, family and loved ones while supporting food projects for Canada's most vulnerable. They can be scheduled to send at a later date  (like just before the New Year) so order today!

We also offer printed Rosh Hashannah cards that we will send out on your behalf.


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