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With the ongoing support of our dedicated donors, MAZON Canada has funded hundreds of food projects, both Jewish and non-Jewish, all over the country. The stories of the people accessing these programs continues to motivate the work we do and inspires us to work harder to end hunger in Canada.

Box of vegetables
MAZON Canada board member leaning on a table with a young student

MAZON Board Member - Talia Klein Leighton with a student participant from Toronto Foundation For Student Success. 

"Thanks to support for the nutrition program at Lawrence Heights Middle School, students have been able to enjoy a healthy meal on a daily basis while at the same time learning the skills of preparing healthy food and why it’s so essential to their health and wellness. Thank you for your continued support of our students and communities."

Toronto Foundation For Student Success

- MAZON grantee

"They invited me for a hot meal in their cafeteria.

It helped me in so many ways. Nice people.

Very thoughtful. Thank you."


Client at MADA in Montreal

- MAZON grantee

Volunteer chopping vegetables at a MAZON grantee

Volunteer chopping veggies at MAZON grantee Downtown Eastside Women's Centre in Vancouver BC.


Volunteer from the Nelson Community Food Centre - MAZON grantee

"Although our school is small, more than 50% come to school hungry. This grant has helped our students have access to food for learning, helps them concentrate in class and feel at ease knowing they can come to the office for food without feeling embarrassed. Food insecurities can be the biggest factor to behavioural issues, mental health problems and depression. The students know we always have food for them and that it is accessible to them."

York Region Food for Learning in Ontario

- MAZON grantee

"Thank you so much for the time you give us to rest our emotions, hearts and thoughts as we are healing. My daughter will grow stronger seeing that there is good in this world and that nothing needs to be returned for this great gift."


Client at Auberge Shalom Pour Femmes

- MAZON grantee

3 Volunteers in a kitchen

Volunteer's cooking at Haven Toronto

-  MAZON grantee

2 volunteers smiling at the camera in front of a box of paper towels

Volunteers packing food boxes at MAZON grantee The Mustard Seed (BC).

"We had a salad bar at one school that included a lot of hands on learning. We had 3 students skinning a local deer with a high school mentor, 5 students working on school garden with 4 high school mentors, and we were able to serve local kale, local potatoes and venison in one of the hot lunches in 2019."


School District 50

- MAZON grantee

Rosh Hashannah foods such as wine, bread, apples and honey in front of a purple box

Rosh Hashannah food box from MAZON grantee MADA (QC).


Volunteers at Loving Spoonful - MAZON grantee

"The kids loved the oranges, peaches and much more that was given to us. Watching the kids faces light up when they saw the food and how quiet they were while eating because they were enjoying it so much! Thank you so much for giving our kids the option to have healthy snacks and lunches all summer!!"

I Can for Kids

- MAZON grantee