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Social Media Guidelines + Post Examples for MAZON Partners

If your organization uses social media, you are required to make at least one mention of our support online this year as a condition of accepting your grant.


This post should mention and tag MAZON Canada as a funder, thank the Jewish community of Canada (who MAZON represents), briefly describe the program MAZON funds and how it benefits your community and include an image of the program itself.


We would love to hear about the success of the program MAZON funded, along with images of the program and testimonials if possible.


Here are some example posts that can be adjusted for your own programs and audience:


 Thank you MAZON Canada, The Jewish Response to Hunger, for supporting our Protein Program! MAZON provided 500 litres of milk for our food boxes this year. Because of supporters like you, our hungry neighbours have access to healthy fresh food. 

We are so grateful to MAZON Canada - on behalf of the Jewish community - who once again helped provide us with the means to feed 30 families through our COVID-19 Emergency Deliveries. 

Here is a note of thanks we received from a grateful client:

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful food hamper. It was delivered to me by this lovely family, (again thank you). The plan is for me and a few loved ones to get together at Christmas and share the hamper. Again thank you all. Best wishes."

Our take-away lunch program was a huge success, feeding 100’s of people who would otherwise go hungry. We prepared a nutritious family dinner which was all ready to cook later in the week. Thank you MAZON Canada and the whole Jewish community, and all of our other sponsors and donors!


We’d like to thank the Jewish Community of Canada, who through MAZON Canada, funded the take-away dinner program for the women who visit our centre. Without their support we would not have been able to feed our neighbours in need. Thank you MAZON! #EndHunger

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