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COMMUNITY GARDENS give low-income people skills to grow healthy, sustainable food for themselves or for food banks and hot meal programs. They're also are a great place to learn and be a part of a team, improving mental health and social supports for vulnerable people.

Tu Bishvat is a beautiful Jewish holiday celebrating the new year of the trees. In modern Judaism, it's a time to honour our environment. At this time, MAZON Canada remembers that ALL FOOD COMES FROM THE EARTH.

To celebrate Tu Bishvat, we're learning more about DISH WITH ONE SPOON - a concept shared by many Indigenous communities of the Great Lakes to explain the relationship between humans, the land, and each other. The dish represents the land that provides our food and other needs, and the spoon is the people who live on it. It reminds us that WE ALL EAT FROM THE SAME 'DISH', and must share resources and 'keep the dish clean' of pollution. This idea has been the basis of laws and treaties for centuries. Learn more on our blog.

When you choose an item in the Virtual Garden Store, you are making donation for its value and supports MAZON Canada's Garden Grants. Your contribution will be used where the need is greatest.