"Without this grant we would not have had enough supplies to be able to hand out our hampers.

With this grant we were able to include milk, yogurt, bananas and apples!" - STEINBACH COMMUNITY OUTREACH

Mazon supports 130-200 FOOD AID PROGRAMS each year ​across Canada on behalf of the Jewish community. This support helps them buy BETTER, HEALTHIER FOOD and the equipment and infrastructure necessary to serve it.


The cost of living keeps rising, many jobs lost in the pandemic are not expected to return, and many of our partners have reported that THE NEED IS INCREASING, not decreasing, through 2021.


As a result, Mazon is facing unprecedented requests for help - 227 applications, more than ever before, totalling over $1.2 MILLION in requests. It was more than we ever expected.

We hope to meet 70% of those requests - a conservative (but optimistic) ​goal.​ To do it, we need $50,000 BY SUNDAY MORNING.


Any gifts pledged by email or made online using this link in the next 48 hours will be spent on an Emergency Timeline and will be DISTRIBUTED IN THE NEXT 2 WEEKS WITH 0% OVERHEAD.

Every gift counts. EVERY $10 WILL PROVIDE ~3 MEALS to people in need, and announcements will be made to anyone who contributes to this Emergency Campaign about its cumulative results and the programs it will support - and to learn about GIFTS OVER $1000, READ ON:

Any gift or pledge of $1000 or more will be matched with a specific community to which your funds will be 100% dedicated. You can choose from the following emergency priorities:

  • hot meals for homelessness relief

  • healthy food support for low-income households

  • Indigenous hunger relief programs

  • children's programs (school breakfasts and lunches, afterschool and weekend food support)

  • disability and mental health food relief programs 

You will receive an update on the community your gift is supporting, including its location, method of meal delivery, and information on its clients.

With a gift or pledge of $4000 or more, you will additionally receive an update within 6 months with photos of the food you provide, testimonials on the impact of your gift, and information on exactly how many meals or food items you provided.


"[At the gates of the World to Come,] you will be told: 'This is the gate of the Lord. Enter into it, you who have fed the hungry.'”
Midrash Psalms 118:17