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Vegetables in a cardboard box
Vegetables grown at the Pedvac Garden

MAZON Canada supports food projects across the country, from Haida Gwaii to Iqaluit to Thunder Bay. We have highlighted a few of our grantees - organizations that do incredible front-line work and face great challenges in this difficult period. Your support of MAZON Canada helps your community and your neighbours across the country fight hunger on the ground.


PEDVAC FOUNDATION - Based in the village of Port Elgin, NB, The Pedvac Foundation has been serving their small community of just over 400 people since 1988. Their mandate is “ to enable individuals and groups to create, maintain and extend throughout the community an improved quality of life.”They provide essential services to those who need it most and run many programs to help lift people out of poverty. Pedvac runs a food bank, hot lunch program, provides holiday hampers, programs for at-risk youth, employment information and a community boutique. They are committed to providing services to all individuals in the Port Elgin area that empower them to build a better life, with a place to find the help they need, a cup of coffee and a supportive community. This year, MAZON gave the Pedvac Foundation a grant for their community garden, where they can grow their own produce for their food bank. It is also a place to teach and learn about gardening, sustainability and becoming more self-sufficient.

GLACE BAY FOOD BANK SOCIETY - Northeast of Sydney, Nova Scotia, the small team at Glace Bay Food Bank Society have served their community for over three decades. Since 2010, MAZON has been a proud supporter of their programming which includes a hot meal program, and food hamper delivery service.

Through the hot meals program, clients in need are provided a warm space to sit together and share a meal. In the kitchen, a group of dedicated volunteers prepare these meals using fresh produce – ingredients donated from local farms and greenhouses, or harvested from the food bank’s very own garden. These very same community donations fuel the food bank’s longstanding food hamper program.

In recent years, MAZON has lent support to another Glace Bay Food Bank program: the community gardening project. In addition to operating their own food garden bursting with over fifty varieties of vegetables, they have also promoted the practice of sustainable gardening in their community.

To accomplish this, the food bank has invested in educational programming, which teaches essential gardening skills, including planting, harvesting, and food preparation, to learners of all ages.

Since the program began, dozens of longstanding food hamper clients have stopped placing orders, relying instead on produce grown in their own back yards. Some of these former clients have even begun donating extra vegetables back to the food bank!


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