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Granting Criteria

MAZON Canada is the national Jewish response to hunger. On behalf of our Jewish community of Canada, we grant funds to front-line food projects like food banks, school lunch programs, hot meals at shelters, and more. We support both Jewish and non-Jewish programs that provide food for food-insecure people.



• feed mostly food-insecure people
• be a CRA registered Charity (or have a CRA-registered partner to supervise your spending)
• request funds only for the purchase of food (not salary, rent, equipment, etc.)

When making funding decisions between qualified applicants,


• Are small and in need

• Have a lot of volunteers

• Operate in rural localities, or are the only source of food aid in their area

• Support specific vulnerable populations

• Serve healthy, nutritious food

• Promote sustainability through food rescue operations
• Help clients in other ways besides giving them food

• Give clients support ending their food insecurity (helping them secure access to permanent housing, employment, EI, etc)

We do not prioritize Jewish organizations over non-Jewish organizations.



If your application is successful, the minimum grant amount you will receive is $2,000.
For most applicants, the maximum amount you can apply for is $5,000 (see below for exceptions).

In 2020, the average grant in this category was around $3,100. We are anticipating a similar average this year.

As mentioned above, larger organizations may request up to $12,000. 
To be eligible for this increased amount, applicants must meet these criteria:


• you are an umbrella organization  (for example: a large food rescue organization that distributes to many food banks, or a school food project that supports many schools)
• you have a total annual budget over $1 million.

If you are not sure which category you fall in, please contact us.


If you meet these criteria: