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I would like to donate the cost of my Seder in honour of my 'would-be' guests.

In lieu of hosting a Seder this year, please consider making a donation to MAZON on behalf of your Seder guests.

Below you can choose your donation amount. All come with the same Seder Kit and we will be in touch to get the information needed to notify your hosts of the donation. 

This year many of us will not be able to attend the Seders of our friends and family or host a Seder for our loved ones.


You can make this unprecedented Passover special by donating the cost of your usual seder meal in honour of your guests, or with a gift in honour of your Seder host (in lieu of attendance).


With your donation:


• We will notify the people you are honouring with our new Passover cards or eCards and your personalized message, along with a copy of the "Digital Seder Kit".


• You will receive our new "Digital Seder Kit", including COVID-19 Seder tips, Kosher for Passover recipes, and readings on hunger in Judaism that supplement your at-home or online seder.

• You will provide hot meals and food hampers to vulnerable people.

Background of flowers and leaves on purple

If you would like to make a general donation

the funds will go where the need is greatest.