Over four million Canadians go hungry each year - but our food aid system struggles to support them.


MAZON Canada is a grassroots community foundation that feeds Canadians of all ages, ethnicities, faiths and abilities on behalf of the Jewish community by supporting front-line food projects across the country. We provide grants for food and equipment and advocate for an end to hunger in Canada.

MAZON Canada board member leaning on a table with a young student

MAZON Board Member - Talia Klein Leighton with a student participant from Toronto Foundation For Student Success. 

"Thanks to support for the nutrition program at Lawrence Heights Middle School, students have been able to enjoy a healthy meal on a daily basis while at the same time learning the skills of preparing healthy food and why it’s so essential to their health and wellness. Thank you for your continued support of our students and communities."

Toronto Foundation For Student Success - MAZON grantee

Image of vegetables and fruits

We can't do it without your support.


Image of someone delivering food to a senior.