In the Haggadah it says “Let All Who Are Hungry Come And Eat”. At MAZON Canada we take this seriously and believe that all Jews should contribute to the eradication of hunger in our communities. From this statement in the Haggadah MAZON Canada was born over 30 years ago to be the Jewish response to hunger. It was built on the 3% principle, to donate 3% of meal costs of any simcha to MAZON in order to symbolically invite the hungry to the table. It important to have an awareness ,especially during important simachas and milestones, to remember that not everyone is as lucky to have nourishment and that over 4 million Canadians go hungry every year. 


Over the past 30 years MAZON Canada has donated over $8 million to front-line hunger relief organizations across Canada. Donations to MAZON go towards funding both Jewish and non-Jewish programs such as foods banks, shelters, school lunch programs and other food related projects that are addressing hunger. 


If you are having a simcha such as a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, wedding, baby naming or birthday celebration please consider donating 3% of your food costs to MAZON Canada. We would be happy to provide you with place cards or table toppers to tell your guests that you have donated on their behalf and that symbolically those who are hungry have been invited to the table. 


Toronto Local: (416) 783-7554
Toll-free: 1-866-MAZON-22 (1-866-629-6622)
Fax: (416) 783-5470

Charitable number: 107680779 RR0001