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How Does Mazon Help? Spotlight on: The Toronto People With AIDS Foundation

In 2016, many HIV-positive people live long, healthy, happy lives. But for those who progress to AIDS, the challenges are very serious. What happens when a person is too ill to shop or cook for themselves? Malnutrition is the last thing a person living with AIDS needs, and yet when discrimination or chronic illness force them from work, eating healthy can be difficult. That’s why MAZON Canada is helping.
We’re proud to support the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation’s Food For Life program. This life-saving program reaches out to people too ill to make it to community kitchens or food banks by delivering pre-cooked meals to them. A real human visitor and a healthy home-cooked meal lets people with AIDS in Toronto stay healthy while knowing that they are not alone. By supporting them, MAZON Canada can make sure anyone who meets their criteria will have access to food, regardless of funds, and that the food the participants receive is nutritious and diverse. It also ensures that they can go beyond basic nutrition and provide culturally appropriate food- for example, kosher or hallal meals when required.
Thank you for all your hard work, TPWAF! We’re proud to keep healthy meals coming to your brave participants, delivered by your committed volunteers!!!

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