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Giving Tuesday 2016




 The Problem


With the holiday season drawing close, so does the cold. Too many families choose between heating and adequate, healthy food in the wintertime. In small towns where deliveries are only worth a company’s time if done in bulk, and job options are limited, poverty and access to basic living staples is a challenge for many families. One of our most cherished 2015 grantees, a food bank, describes their situation:

“The working poor, single parents, low income families, pensioners, seniors, clients on social assistance, clients with disabilities, the unemployed, young girls who have been cast out of their families’ homes, people who just don’t have enough money to see themselves through the week. We owe more than we have [but] do not turn anyone away… It’s been a hard winter down here with the price of heating oil. Our clients’ income went on heating costs. The oil companies would not deliver any less than $300 worth of oil which added financial stress to the clients.


“Last year we hit a new record in clients… All our indicators suggest that this will be another record-braking year. Your funds will help us maintain the status quo.”


Our Solution


This need to secure winter funds today is why Mazon is joining Giving Tuesday and choosing child poverty as our focus. Just as Black Friday kicks off the shopping season, Giving Tuesday kicks off the giving season on the following Tuesday- Nov 29th this year. It’s a new global movement to #MakeGivingGoViral, and for Mazon Canada, Giving Tuesday comes at exactly the right time of year.


Our Giving Tuesday funds will ensure that children all across the country who go hungry to stay warm will be greeted at school with a healthy breakfast, helping them stay on track in school and grow to become our next generation of leaders.


With food costs rising, the need has never been greater. That’s why our fundraising goal for Giving Tuesday alone is enough to fund breakfasts for 200+ children in need until the end of the year.


It’s an extra wintertime boost to our regular support of communities in need- over 30 years, we’ve passed almost $8 million dollars of aid from the Jewish community to struggling Canadians from coast to coast, supporting food banks, school nutrition programs, winter shelters, and countless other grassroots, front-line organizations. 



 Join Us


If you have already made your 2016 gift, thank you on behalf of all the children supported by your generosity, and consider topping up now to impact them where they need it most: their breakfast plates.


And if you have not yet made your annual gift, donate now to start your giving season right, and share your decision to give with families and friends, broadening our reach and your impact on children in need.


Alright, I want to help!

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