Let all who are hungry come and eat...

Hunger in Canada


Food banks began over 30 years ago as a short-term solution to hunger. Now they are a necessary supplement to Canada’s broken safety net. There are thousands of food banks and related agencies operating in hundreds of communities across Canada that need our help.


The harsh reality is that most food banks only allow one visit per month, providing a 3-4 day supply of food. Programs that provide breakfast and lunch for children at school run only Monday through Friday and are not able to meet the nutritional needs of children on weekends or over the summer.


Food banks and food assistance programs are only a band-aid solution. The degree of hunger in Canada represents a significant shortcoming in our country’s social policy and we must remind our political leaders of their responsibilities in this area. An effective anti-hunger strategy may include affordable safe housing; a welfare system that addresses social needs; and a minimum wage and taxation system that enables hard-working Canadians to have enough to provide for basic needs.


Why does MAZON Canada support band-aid solutions food banks? Because these social injustices cannot be remedied overnight. Tonight though, many thousands of Canadians will go to bed hungry. And it is their needs that we, as human beings, must be concerned about.

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