Let all who are hungry come and eat...

Gardens & Infrastructure Grants



In the past, MAZON Canada has offered grants for one purpose only: for the purchase of food. But as we’ve developed deeper relationships with our grantees, we’ve learned that the state of Canadian food security isn’t the same as it was when we were founded more than 30 years ago – and that 5779 hunger problems need 5779 solutions!


Over the years, grantees have come to us with some unusual requests. “I know you only fund food”, they’d begin, but then tell us what they really needed. One grantee asked for funds for a freezer – that would help them accept, store, and serve donations of fresh and healthy vegetables that they would otherwise have to turn away. Another organization asked for funds for soil, shovels, and hoses – so they could grow their own healthy food and teach their clients to grow it for themselves, too . We realized that requests like these would actually stretch our grants farther, and make sure that instead of rice and pasta, we’re providing fresh vegetables, sweet fruits, and healthy proteins!


That’s why this year we’re launching two additional pilot grants specifically towards Gardens and Infrastructure. These one-time grants will sustainably improve the capacity of grantees to ‘teach a man to fish’ with gardening skills and serve more healthy, fresh food than ever before!


We can’t wait to tell you how your generosity is ‘growing’ sustainable solutions to hunger across Canada in 2019.
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