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Interview: Andi Yumansky, Conscious Kosher Catering

If you read our Passover 2014 newletter and wanted to know more about that delicious Asparagus Mousse, you’re in luck. MAZON’s Ruth Tovim, herself a trained chef, recently interviewed Andi Yumansky, of Conscious Kosher Catering, a fresh new addition to Toronto’s kosher catering scene.

MC: How did you get into this business?
AY: After receiving a BA in Sociology from Mcgill in 2008 I decided to pursue my passion for cooking and baking (inspired by my father, an amazing cook), a journey which took me across Canada, working in various establishments, where I learned the ropes.
MC: How did your culinary and Jewish interests combine?
AY: In 2011, I won the contract to become the First Narayaver Congregation’s first sustainable, in-house caterer. Those three years not only taught me how to cater large events but developed my thinking about the intersection of Jewish values and food.
MC: How would you describe your business now? I understand you still largely a one-person shop? From experience I know that is hard work!
AY: It is hard work. Especially as I use a bicycle and trailer as transport! For that reason I am currently focused on catering events for downtown congregations such as Makom, and the Annex and City Shuls respectively.
MC: That’s so interesting – there really seems to be a renaissance of progressive Jewish community life in downtown Toronto right now.
AY: True – for example, I live in a communal Jewish house which we hope will become Toronto’s first Moishe House soon.
MC: Where do you see Conscious Kosher Catering heading?
AY: I would love to see it evolve into a social enterprise and am currently talking to various organizations about making that happen.
MC: Thanks Andi – b’hazlacha – and please consider joining Kosherlicious this year – you would be a great addition!

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