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MAZON Canada awarded Building Bridges Innovation Award at JVS Building Bridges Conference

On Thursday, January 31, 2013, JVS Toronto hosted the first Building Bridges, Linking Communities conference. Held appropriately in the Bram & Bluma Appel Salon of the Toronto Reference Library, the conference objective was to showcase cross-cultural initiatives taking place throughout the community. The stage was set for dialogue between organizations in the goal to reach out to other communities and help them build capacity.

Keynote speaker Rabbi Baruch Frydman-Kohl spoke passionately about what makes a Jewish organization “Jewish.” Panelists Mario Calla of COSTI, Mark Gryfe of Gryfe Philanthropic Solutions and Martin Rochwerg of Miller Thomson explained how their organizations evolved to serve the community at large.

The last panel discussion shed light on the work currently taking place in local and national not for profit organizations. MAZON’s National Executive Director participated in the discussion Building Bridges, Past and Current Collaborations alongside Debroy Chan of JVS Toronto, Tina Tehranchian of ICT Canada and Avrum Rosenzweig of V’Ahavta. The four described their partnerships and collaborations with community organizations.

After a fabulous kosher lunch catered by Zuchter Berk, Karen Glodenberg , former President and CEO of JVS Toronto, presented MAZON Canada with the first ever Building Bridges Innovation award. MAZON Canada was recognized for demonstrating leadership and innovation in building bridges with other communities and building capacity to help themselves. The award showcases MAZON’s local and national initiatives in delivering services and bringing communities together. Through leadership in reaching out to assist other communities in need, MAZON Canada made a positive impact on the community through the services it delivers. Ida McLaughlin accepted the award on behalf of MAZON and its board of directors.

Informal conversations followed with attendees participating in dialogues with growing new connections in mind. The sessions yielded discussions that open the door to new initiatives and partnerships. The goal of the conference was to get the conversation started and this is precisely what took place.

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