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MAZON Canada Announces a Partnership with ECHOage

MAZON Canada announces their new partnership with ECHOage, the birthday party website everyone is talking about!
Debbie Zinman, the co-founder and past MAZON Canada volunteer, approached MAZON Canada to be the very first Jewish organization to join the list of charities ECHOage supports. MAZON Canada was thrilled to accept their offer and has begun using the birthday website since August.
The concept of ECHOage is simple: children choose the birthday gift they want and also choose a charity to support. Instead of bringing gifts to the child’s birthday party, guests are invited and asked to contribute funds through a dedicated page on the ECHOage website. The funds are then distributed evenly between the gift for the child and the charity. The website makes it more rewarding for kids and less work for parents. Guests win too because they receive a tax receipt for all donations above $15.

At ECHOage, we are modernizing the birthday party experience for both hosts and guests – replacing wasted time, money and gifts with that oh-so gratifying feeling of being a really good parent to really great kids. ECHOage continues to be the most unique and effortless way for kids of all ages to give and get birthday gifts, while learning about the great feelings that come with true kindness and generosity.
Debbie Zinman and Alison Smith, ECHOage Co-Founders

When a child chooses MAZON Canada through ECHOage, they support the important work of feeding hungry families. Now that is something to celebrate.
Families can choose to support MAZON Canada via their children’s birthday parties by visiting the ECHOage website.

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