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MAZON Founder, Rabbi Arthur Bielfeld, Receives the Order of Canada

On June 29th 2012, MAZON Canada’s founder, Rabbi Arthur Bielfeld, was appointed as a Member to the Order of Canada. The Order of Canada is one of Canada’s highest civilian honours and recognizes a lifetime of outstanding achievement and service to the nation.

Rabbi Arthur Norman Bielfeld, was honoured for his contributions to Toronto’s Jewish community for over 30 years and for his many activities in support of social justice. A native of Worcester, Mass., he immigrated to Canada in 1968 to become rabbi at Toronto’s Temple Emanu-El. MAZON Canada was founded by Rabbi Arthur Bielfeld in 1986 along with a small group of prominent Canadians. It was established to combat the effects of an economic crisis and the impact it had on poor family’s ability to provide food for their children. In addition to his tremendous dedication and commitment to MAZON’s cause, Rabbi Bielfeld is also the Founding Chair and Chairman of the Leo Baeck Day School. He is the past Chairman of the Board of the Energy Probe Research Foundation – Probe International, a Founding Member of KOLEL, Founding Chair of The Campaign Against Child Poverty as well as a Past Board Member of the Central Conference of American Rabbis, Talbert House (Cincinnati, Ohio), North York Committee on Community, Race & Ethnic Relations, United Way of Greater Toronto and Casey House Hospice and Casey House Foundation.
In an article published in the Friday, June 29th Toronto Star about his new appointment, he says, “This is an exquisite and unique country. There is preciousness in what I’ve now come to share as my own.” He said he was never more certain of the genius of Canada than during the ceremony in which he became a citizen. He was most affected during his decades in Canada, he said, by the “formative influences” of four notable women who became his friends – Margaret Lawrence, Barbara Frum, Jane Jacobs and June Callwood. They taught him not just what it meant to be Canadian, he said, but “what it meant to be a human being.” He knows that with the gift of great friendship comes great responsibility: to give as one has received, to live up to examples. “If I must give advice to a younger generation, it would be: know the greatness of your history, of the people who have made and continue to make this such a fabulous country.”

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