Let all who are hungry come and eat...

Outstanding volunteers in Montreal receive MAZON’s Dodo Heppner Award

We are pleased to announce the presentation of the Dodo Heppner Award to three incredible MAZON Canada volunteers in Montreal: Lois Lieff, Anne Haltrecht & Estie Radowitz-Walsh. These three outstanding women have shown tremendous commitment, understanding and devotion to MAZON and our raison d’etre – helping to make a difference in the lives of the many who know hunger on a daily basis. The Dodo Heppner Award is presented in recognition of outstanding volunteer service to and leadership in MAZON Canada over a sustained period of time, to those who have had a long association and involvement with MAZON Canada, whose devotion and leadership skills are an inspiration to others and help to involve new people in the organization.


As a small, grassroots organization we depend upon our volunteers. These women are essential to making our organization work. There are so many wonderful things to say about each of them that we would need an entire website to do so. So thank you Anne Haltrecht for being such a gracious, devoted and committed member of our family for the last 12 years, for your sunny disposition and the fact that our office just works better when you are there. Thank you Lois Lieff (or as we affectionately call you, Snookie) for your vast knowledge of the Jewish community, for inspiring other volunteers, for taking the lead in so many aspects of our work: it is a special treat watching you in action. And thank you Estie Radowitz-Walsh for promoting the best of Jewish values just by what you do and how you do it, for being a role model when it comes to Tikkun olam, for your infectious enthusiasm and great tenacity.


These women represent the best of our community’s response to hunger, and embody the values that Dodo Heppner, the founder of MAZON in Montreal has set as an example for our community and our MAZON family.

This year’s awards were presented at the beautiful home of long-time MAZON Canada supporters, Soryl and Gibby Rosenberg, who graciously hosted the evening. Thank you Soryl and Gibby for your support!

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