Let all who are hungry come and eat...

Students fast for MAZON Canada


breakingfast2Last month, a group of friends and I fasted for 24 hours to raise money for MAZON Canada to do our part for the community and show our support for those in need.


breakingfast3Our famine was a success! Not only did we raise over $800, but we also had a great experience. While our group hung out and fasted, we kept in mind the reason we were doing it. As fortunate, lucky, well-fed individuals, we were putting ourselves in the shoes of those who are less fortunate than us. We definitely were all feeling hungry at some points, but it was that feeling that reminded us of the suffering of the people we are trying to help. I think that this “famine” helps us to appreciate what we have, as well as to remember those who are not as fortunate us, and to take action. Everyone can benefit from doing this fundraiser. I recommend that other teens gather a group of friends together and fast for MAZON Canada!


-Ali Goodbaum


If you would like to hold a fast for MAZON Canada, please e-mail us at

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