Let all who are hungry come and eat...

Montreal Report: MAZON Food Fest 2010

The 2010 MAZON Food Fest was the best! Co-chairs Marjorie Kirsch-Heft and Sara Heppner Waldston transformed the elegant Shaar Hashomayim Ballroom into a marche that rivaled any Paris market. Guests meandered among food stalls where Montreal’s finest kosher caterers, generous beyond belief, not only donated sumptuous smorgasbords of the finest foods that have made them famous, they also served it up. Just ‘around the corner’ from the marche, a piano bar entertained, cooking demonstrations delighted and a silent auction, with wares that astounded, turned guests into auction-warriors. There was even a park with a flower girl selling roses! When it came to sweets, there was a Candy Land with a mini-theater.


What was on the screen? A documentary about MAZON Canada that was as uplifting as it was heartfelt. The committee of extraordinary volunteers worked tireless and were thrilled to see how enthusiastic guests were about the evening – from the marche concept to the program book that was really an agenda. Kudos to Marjorie and Sara for not only organizing one of Montreal’s most acclaimed galas, but making it even more brilliant!


What’s up for Gala 2011? In recognition of our 25th anniversary year, celebrities from TV, film, music, sports, politics and literature have agreed to draw and doodle for us! We’re framing these signed masterpieces, with a photo of authenticity, and auctioning them off at an event that will rock your socks. It’s going to be quite a ride and you’re not going to want to miss it.


In all the fun of Food Fest and planning the upcoming gala it’s important to remember why it is that we come together each year. We are so blessed to be able to share our good fortune by supporting others through MAZON Canada. As we will read in the Haggadah at our upcoming seders “let all who are hungry come and eat.” We come together in joy and share with our many neighbors across Quebec and Canada who are served by MAZON’s recipient agencies. Have a wonderful Passover with family and friends, and thank you for supporting this important cause.
-Jayne Lisak

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