Let all who are hungry come and eat...

Who we are


MAZON Canada is the national Jewish response to hunger. To date, our organization has allocated over 8 million dollars to frontline organizations battling hunger across Canada.


Mazon (mah’ZOHN, n)
Hebrew for food, nourishment, sustenance


The Problem


Each year, over 4 million people in Canada are forced to choose between healthy food and other critical expenses. Rising poverty and food costs make it harder to eat enough and to eat well.


Across the country, food agencies struggle to keep up with this increased demand.

What we do


That’s why we fund front-line hunger relief projects from coast-to-coast.


Based on the tradition of tikkun olam (healing the world), MAZON Canada raises awareness of poverty and hunger and takes action through the mitzvah (commandment) of tzedakah (charity)


Funds raised by MAZON Canada are distributed across Canada to over 120 projects a year, both Jewish and non-Jewish. These carefully vetted organizations include food banks, shelter meals, school nutrition programs, and many more.


Over the last 30 years, we have helped tens of thousands of Canadians by allocating over $8 million dollars to hundreds of programs from coast to coast.


Our mandate


MAZON Canada responds to the needs of the hungry throughout Canada whoever they may be.


MAZON Canada funds only those organizations which have as their primary concern the relief of hunger, or those which, as part of their larger mandate, have a distinct program specifically targeted to an identifiable group suffering from hunger.


Our history


MAZON Canada was founded by Leonard Fein on the 3% principle. This means we ask our supporters to donate 3% of the food costs of any simcha or milestone event so we can allocate those funds to the hungry to “symbolically invite a hungry stranger to their table”.


Today, MAZON Canada’s fundraising efforts include special events, appeals at holidays, and the sale of occasion cards. To make a donation, click here.


Our leadership


Click here for a list of our Leadership Team.


Click here for contact information for our offices in Toronto.


MAZON on Film


Check out this short film about what we do and who we help: